a mean but funny little game to play with someone.
Girl A: Let me tell you the meaning of life.
Girl B: ?
Girl A: you're going out with Sean Allen aren't you?
Girl B: Yeah...
Girl A: Not anymore. I fucked him during second period.
Girl B: wtf you bitch thats so mean!
Girl A: That's life!
by Angelacia September 30, 2007
Esoteric phrase used often by people who think there is a meaning to life. Life, by its scientific nature, exists for no other reason than it does -- caused by evolutionary forces that began billions of years ago and which resulted ultimately in a creature that thinks everything has to have a meaning; also, death has no meaning ... get used to it and try to live as happily as you can before you're run over by a bus or your heart explodes because you've eaten too many cheeseburgers all your meaningless life
Don, what do you think the meaning of life is?
Fuck you, Jim ... and quit eating all my fucking French fries, you fucking dime-store philosopher!

cheeseburger death life philosophy realism existential nihilism pragmatism
Aside from the Monty Python final meaning, I can only guess it is that you should never buy tinned salmon, never eat wafer thin mints served by an over-the-top French waiter and that there's always time for cake.
'Oh my, I'm so dreadfully embarrased, I think I've killed you all.'
by Spence1115 June 09, 2005
1) to exist in a plane consisting of 4 measurable dimensions. Three physical (ie length, width, and depth) and one non physical (ie time).

2) The problem many face in trying to discover the meaning of life is trying to treat the two categories as one in the same, for example we as biengs can change the three physical dimentions of any object we encounter yet treat time as a constant and therefore unchangeable. To fully understand the meaning of life you first must understand that time is not constant, it can and will fluctuate, the only way to see this is by removing ones self to a plane with no time (ie death).
the meaning of life, is death
by the philosipher June 05, 2003

By every definiton of the word.
The Meaning Of Life: You will be feed for that which you've fed.
by HarvesterOfSorrow February 26, 2006
1 . he meaning of life scientifically is to reproduce and then die.

2. to find ways to make money and then die.

3. if you're an all around happy person, then to find remedies for sadness and try to forget about problems (cough cough assholes cough) and those people are the dumbasses who want to grow old and die peacefully.

4. getting lost in all types of problems, depressing yourself or not being able to get out of it, then leading to a slow ending or killing yourself.

5. Nothing.

6. Two people fucking, being born, dying.
by kristen June 28, 2003
Evolution. You got a problem with that?
Miley Cyrus once asked me what the meaning of life is. I said, "Not twerking"
by swaggy_glaceon_man May 27, 2015

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