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Used mostly by Mitch, who <Gets Mitchy>. Is characterized by pointing both index fingers out with thumbs pointing up, in the shape of a gun. Is followed by repeating your name twice.
"PaulPaullll! <powpow>. I'm Mitch the Bitch! <powpow>"
by Yoko February 16, 2005
The gun is basically you do the gun symbol with you hand and the two fingers go into the hole of the female and your finger basically flicks their bean. Simple.
Hannah: Omg louis used "the gun" on me last night, I can still feel the pain
by James Adamson July 05, 2013
when you use your pointer finger, middle finger and thumb to make a gun and the fingers go up a chick's ass with the thumb in the vagina.
She was feeling kinda stanky so I gave your sister the gun.
by Kramit September 24, 2006
A term describing the act of bending a female over in the doggy position and fingering her vigorously with your hand in a gun like shape.
"What's that machine gun noise upstairs?" "Trust lad john must be using the gun on Lauren"
by cunt69 July 21, 2014
Slang term used to describe a car equipped with nitrous oxide.
What do you wanna do with an LS1 on the gun?
by Nasty93 February 12, 2007
A person of whom preforms so well at their chosen activity and makes such an impact and with such apparent little effort, on their part, that it warrants a comparison to that of the a gun in a sword fight.
Criminal : I need a barrister to get me off this charge.

Mate: Have you heard of that guy in Canberra, they call him "the gun."
Criminal : Why do they call him "the gun?"
Mate: Because he gets everyone off
by Jay.P May 13, 2016
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