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It's where you hide corpses.
"I confess, I've hidden the corpses under the door in the floor"
by viks November 21, 2004
3 2
The door Jake comes through in "The Wastelands" byStephen king.
Roland pulled jake through the door in the ground. (floor)
by Wangsta Hippie November 18, 2004
1 0
A 2004 suspense movie with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger.
Did you see "The Door in the Floor" yet? I heard it was pretty good.
by critic November 18, 2004
2 1
LoL door in the floor slang for celler or basement. Normally used by people who like to ryhme shit off? lol :S
Oi get down the door in the floor you dirty hick bastard
by Bob saget November 20, 2004
1 5