To get Bopped is to get screwed over or cheated. Or to have something incredibly unlucky happen.
Jack: Man i was at the swap meet today and mo fucka snatched my shit.
Joe: Damn, that's the BOP
Jack: Hell yea, nigga's bopping me
Joe: Yea dawg you got bopped

by Nic Jones April 23, 2008
Top Definition
another phrase used to identify the act of giving oral sex to a man. (fellatio)
Greg:Dude, i heard u went out wit Sarah last night

Brandon:Yea dude she totally gave me the bop, it was awesome.
by Tayler S August 19, 2007
when some one stays home from school or work to play Call of Duty: Black Ops
guy 1:justin just got COd: Black Ops last week, he must have a bad case of the bops because he hasnt been in school for 3 days
by Sandman837465 November 10, 2010
same as oral sex when female performs on male(head)
Aye yo girl, you tryin to give me the bop
by michael tripaldi December 31, 2006
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