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A frame of mind or social disease that can only exist in a small residential neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the effects of which are worst in it's narrow but bustling commercial avenues or the frick and schenley park regions. It causes homosexuals to do terrible things in a fruit loop, kids to get stoned on the steps of synagogues and high schools in mid afternoon, people to be generally kind unobtrusive quiet or well, damn, just plain fucking happy all the time. When one has the squills it's imperative to let people have a good time. It's the jewish Haight Ashbury of the East Coast. It is where tolerance met old money and drugs. It's a great unhappening place to be, and a happy disease to have.
i was bored so i went to squirrel hill. i hung out at the benches and started getting the squills. then i went to squirrel cage but *insert name of crazy recent dramatus personae here* so i booked it and found *insert pot head here* and went to this cool apartment off shady where i had green ganja and happy poems, then i went back to murray for coffee and skateboarding, got some heads together, had a seven minute football game on happy hill, and then i hiked back upstreet and felt the squills again.
#squirrel hill #east end #the squills #squill #jew hill #pittsburgh
by exitandpanic January 13, 2007
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