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drunkenly dry humping girl's ass while girl has lounge pants on, cumming on girls ass (with her pants still on), dont tell her, falling asleep, waking up next morning to see same girl sitting at computer desk typing away while wearing same pants, laugh at her, walk out without saying a word
Dude, did you just give her the rodney? Her ass is all stained!!!
by 406 December 24, 2004
The Rodney is another term for beating off. Its a take off on Rodney King and his beating from LAPD. As made famous by JLJ The Singer of PC Deathsquad.
Dude I totally lurked her myspace pics and put the rodney down on my unit.
by JonnyRageous March 27, 2008
taking a limp dick and sticking it in another males ear
I just gave Lettington the rodney. I think he liked it a little too much.
by Gerold March 16, 2008
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