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Term recently coined by Mos Def, now used freqently to describe the degeneration of hip-hop from an art form and expressive outlet to glorified criminalistic behavior and corporate domination of a once-underground phenomenon, i.e. De La Soul or KRS-One, who rap about every day events and important issues vs. 50 Cent or Juvenile (By-products of The Rape Over), who rap about murder, theft and what they buy with their millions of dollars (For example, 50 Cent's newest album is titled <i>The Massacre</i>).
"We over-do it add the fire and explosion to it/We're so confused so we run rap music

MTV is runnin this rap shit/Viacom is runnin this rap shit/AOL and Time Warner runnin this rap shit/We poke out the ashes for a chance to cash in
Cocaine, is runnin this rap shit/Hennessey, is runnin this rap shit..." -Mos Def, "The Rape Over"
by The Boston Rag February 27, 2005
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