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*canadian term*

the way nova scotians', in perticularly the people from Dartmouth(which is a suburb of the provinces' capital, Halifax), roll their joints. all throughout Canada there are different procedures for this matter. for example, people from British Columbia...they do the exact opposite of what nova scotians'do.

first of all, tobacco is ALWAYS (i can't stress that enough) mixed in with the cases when you don't have "tobac", the weed usually does not get smoked until you find someone that will break you a nib of their cigarette.

also, filters...which are made from just about anything thats thin cardboard(about the thickness of a bussiness card). they are carefully rolled in a spiral and placed into the end of your joint.

the final step is to "baptize" the joint. this is where you push the joint backwards into your mouth and wet the paper from the saliva on your lips. this is done to create a slower burn of the marijuana.

some people also like to rip off the other twisted end of your joint to create a better igniting surface so the joint doesn't get bad runs....and YOU IS DONE! spark that shit!
the nova scotia joint
by bizrian November 09, 2005
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