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1.An old chinese torture method.

2.Paris Hilton's greatest stab at acting since house of wax.Paris needed a new blockbuster movie to show the world her talent since her CD ''paris'' sold a whopping 607,000 copies in the US Alone, she created this visual master piece.The film stars her getting her totally ugly friend to get screwed by her BF.It has made an amazing amount of 25,000 on its first week. It also single handedly won over american audiences to scratch the eyes out with their ticket stubs.
Paris Hilton(on screen):Ya, shes like such a total nottie
guy 1:o dear god
Guy 2: how long will this horror last!
guy 3: exactly 70 more minutes of the hottie and the nottie
Guy 1:AAAAAAAAA my eyes Are dirty!, I have clean the dity out of them!
(scrathes eyes out)
Paris(on screen)like totally awesome!
by Jerry the moose February 20, 2008
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