reference to Chlamydia. Frequently used in the Philadelphia region by street walkers.
That ho is nasty, she got the ham.
by Ferdog March 14, 2006
Top Definition
slang for Framingham. A town in Massachusetts west of Boston. Sometimes used with the word "dirty" preceding the word ham (ie. the dirty ham) in an attempt to communicate just how gritty/"gangsta" we are.
(Person in Framingham): ayo, i'm in the ham.
by Grid November 10, 2007
Use like "the man", as in "you da man!". Also applies to objects.
you did it! you are The Ham!

how's your beer? it's The Ham.
by TreeWeezel December 05, 2011
Instead of saying, "thats the shit" you would say "thats the ham" in case of family presense.
"Did you see Andy t-bad that inanimate object?"

"Yeah, it was the ham!"
by trojan_man007 August 06, 2008
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