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The force is an energy field that binds all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it gives a jedi his powers
Use the force, Luke.
by Obi-Wan June 16, 2003
May it be with you
Jocks got lots of muscles, Niggers got lots of bitches, Preppies got lots of money, We have the Force.
by Rexels August 14, 2010
An ironic or sarcastic phrase. It's used in unfortunate situations caused by bad luck or stupidity, to indicate annoyance and incomprehension at the undesireable turn of events. It derives from the Star Wars movies, where Jedi characters use The Force to perform various unlikely acts.
Person A. The car has run out of petrol.

Person B. Great! How are we going to get to the wedding on time? Use The Force?
by kilkrazy January 02, 2005
The act in which you try to use mind control to reach the remote that is two feet in front of you. Used when you are in a comfortable position and your show goes off, and crap comes on.
I was watching my favorite show when the Kardashians came on. I was comfortable, so I tried the force to get the remote.
by Dallen-0 Awesome March 09, 2015
Strong sexual energy found in small amounts of men and women population
The force was strong in david before he had his way with her. Or her force can get her any Guy she desires.
by sith1 October 04, 2011
A delicious concoction made in a five-gallon cooler to be consumed at parties. Ingredients are as follows: 1 30-pack of natty light, 1 handle of Aristocrat vodka, Country time lemonade powder (to taste), and 1 2-litre of Sprite. Gets everyone at the party ratchet as fuck.
Dude we made the force for the party last night and everyone got absolutely destroyed. Shit got real.
by WarDamnForce August 23, 2012
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