What you release when you do something completely outrageous and troll-esque like pour ice-cold water on the lap of the person who a second ago was enjoying themselves while they were either trying to A: spectate something very important like the hockey game of the century or B: speak one's mind carelessly while in the first-class cabin of an airliner or C: do anything else that might (but will not necessarily) annoy the people around him. Chances are that this person deserved(see:drunkard) the cold liquidy waft of chill on his or her cajones. Note that the fookin fury can only be deemed released when the person goes completely ape-shit and may be formidable enough to soon render you busy with a weekload of pain. For a classic example, see: Yngwie Malmsteen's jetliner incident in Japan.
Malmsteen: "(yelling at the woman who released the fookin fury) I kill you motherfocker! nu jävlar!! You've released the fookin fuuury!... YOU RELEASED THE FOOKIN FUUUUURYYY...
... see you in Tokyo, bitch!"
by yuri sarturi November 09, 2007
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