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The hook from the rap/snl short entitled "Lazy Sunday", as preformed by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg, which originally aired on Dec 17 2005. The use of (what?) to pause between "chronic" and "cles of Narnia" isn't merely a clever stylistic emulation of aggressive rap, but also refers implicitly to the chronic, or very potent marijuana, as is evidenced in the rap video by numerous references to snacks, the inclusion of "we love" and "pass that" chronic in two of the chorus lines, and the very title of the short itself, "Lazy Sunday", a weekend day when many twenty somethings typically smoke weed and veg out after partying on Friday and Saturday.
Parnell and Samberg: "the chronic (what?) cles of Narnia, yes the chronic (what?) cles of Narnia, we love the chronic (what?) cles of Narnia, pass that chronic (what?) cles of Narnia!"
by andre` brut November 05, 2008

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