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this is a very usful way of loosing weight quickley without dieting. this involves groing your hair long and wearing a black t-shirt with the words black sabbath upon it. next u must go to a large mating ground for chavs (posibly a childs play area Well hard mate) and find a particularly aggresive gaggle of them. next u must sneak up on the gaggle and wen close enuf to whisper in one of theyre ears shout the words IRON MAIDEN RULES as loud as u can. the agrivated group shud chase u until one of theyre pregnant girlfriends(probbly aged 8) gets tired. during the chase for added weight loss shout to them tht u did theyre mothers all night long and the pounds will just fall off u.
aye i lost it all on the chavso exercise regime
by jipakingawalla March 03, 2008

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