codename for flipping someone off, stated in Flight of the Conchords, something u cant add wings to. something given to a man stationed at a fruit stand who is racist towards australians, and confuses them with new zealanders.
Well when someone flips you off you give them the bird. Well that doesnt look like a bird, this does(puts hands together connecting at thumbs then flapping hands). Well y dont u add wings to the bird cause it doesnt look like a bird without wings. no wings just the bird. how bout i come up behind u after u give the bird and i add the wings that will rlly get him!
by Magasauras Maximus August 18, 2008
A popular phrase during the nineteen fiftees that proclaimed that the bird was in fact the word
"Dont you know about the bird everybody's heard that the bird is the word"
by Lundy26 November 05, 2008
is the word
- Have you heard?
- What?
- The bird is the word!
by vdubandjbdub August 19, 2010
The Word
Me: "Have you heard?"
You: "Heard what?"
Me: "The word"
You: "What word?"
Me: "The Bird"
You: "Wuh?"
Me: "The Bird IS the Word!!"
by Don't Worry About It...... May 17, 2009
is the word.
Haven't you heard about the bird? Everyone's heard about the bird, because bird is the word! A bird bird bird bird is the word a...
by Sorax3 April 27, 2009
haven't you heard about the bird? well everybody knows that the bird is the word!
what's the word? *hint* the bird
by joenaims May 04, 2009

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