My new addiction. Indie all the way. Montreal has produced something special again...
the arcade fire kicks ass.
by Allan February 02, 2005
Top Definition
a kick ass 5 peice band based in montreal. the band is headed by husband wife duo win butler and régine chassagne. their debut album funeral is now being hyped by every indie site and mag on the planet, but the arcade fire surpass the hype. they are famous for their amazing live shows.
the arcade fire blew the roof off the place tonight
by thesparkthatbled October 08, 2004
A 5-member band originating from Montreal, Quebec. Known for their lurid beats and definitive sound, they sound a lot like early David Bowie. With two main vocalists, a guitarist, a drummer, a violinist, a bass player and who knows what else, we expect promising things from these modern day troubadors. Their album Funeral is a tribute to growing out of childhood, the hopes and dreams, young love, and rebellion we accosiate with growing up.
I have nothing to put down for the example, kbye
by Jordun August 16, 2005
Montreal band that writes some really beautiful lyrics and songs that are so beautiful and elegiac that they stick in your head for weeks at a time. Live performances can only be described by awesome, mind-blowingly energetic, heart-breakingly moving.
The Arcade Fire is one of the best bands I've heard in years.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 11, 2005
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