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This game involves a minimum of 2 players
The aim of the game is easy - to spot as many skanks as possible. When a player spots a skank, they say, "Skank!" and then inform the other players which direction the skank is in.
Example - "Skank! 3 o'clock"
the Skank game is probably best played in a country where "skank" isnt understood by civilians
by Rambaldi December 25, 2006

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Everytime a skank says "I'm a good girl"(or anything along those lines), IMMEDIATELY Skank it out. Which means no matter what you're doing, drop everything, and Skank(a popular Ska dance in which flailing of the arms and legs are involved. Like "The Running Man" but alternating arms and legs). All people aware of The Skank Game must drop everything as well and skank with them if they notice a solo-Skanker. It's like a domino-themed drinking game...but with dancing and confused whores.
Girl: "I'm not a dirty girl"
Boy: "Dance time!" -starts skankin'-
Girl: "What are you doing?"
Boy: "Exactly"
Boy 2: -notices solo-skanker and dances along- "The Skank Game, bro?"
Boy: "You know it!"
by P. Twilliger October 10, 2010