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In an email, IM, IRC, SMS, or MUD exchange, temporarily unable to write, as through astonishment.

Compare to speechless in spoken language.
A: Remember that sick panda at the zoo?
B: Yeah.
A: She died.
B: ...I'm textless.
by Lingrad July 14, 2005
When someone text you a very awkward and creepy message... Like speechless
Worker 1: Girl, my boss is so hip! He texts me with a winky emoji like, ;)

Worker 2: Omg, what a creep! If my boss would ever text me with just a winky emoji? Id be totally creeped out and will leave me textless.

Girl: aww, you're so cute! I love guys who love animals!

Boy: :)

Girl: *textless*
by Mekaekae May 30, 2015
unable to distill one's thoughts to fit size limitations imposed by texting format; pejorative, used in the same manner as clueless
when it came to twitters and tweets, the verbose politico was utterly textless

she wanted to tweet me, but she turned out to be textless and confused
by nerdywithwords May 09, 2011
A form of momentary ability to text someone back after reading either the most amazing, or most disturbing thing you've ever read. The texting from of speechless.
A: Bro, I swear! I got 25 killstreak and tactical nuke in CoD last night!


A: Bro, r u textless?

by Dr. Txtless June 26, 2010
1 textless- deliberately silent. as in those who suffer a textural aposiopesis..."often brought on in chat rooms by the text of the mindless.

2 To be struck textless - to suffer writers block or to be under the curse of Wen Ti {the Chinese god of literature, whose chief heavenly task is to keep a log of men of letters so that he can mete out rewards and punishments to each.}

3 textless is to words what clueless is to thought
It is only the event of text chat and email that has prevented the westen world from becomng a textless enviroment.
by David Priestley January 13, 2006
Unable to send/receive/process text messages. Used in reference to a cell phone.
Bob had one of those old early '90 phones and therefore he was textless.
by GRich108 January 12, 2006
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