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to reject via text message
"She told me she has to babysit her little brother."
"No homie, she just textjected you."
"Aw shit."
by Brent L August 28, 2007
When you dont get a reply to your texts for over 1 hour yet other people text you and get up your hopes, you then read the text and find out its not from the person you want it to be.
'ooh yes finally a reply'
*reads the text*
' oh its you... textjected'
by cheribald December 16, 2009
"text rejected"

When you send an extremley serious or meaningfull. text/sext and the person you're texting hasnt responded for over 10 minutes.

usually followed by re-texting the person you sent the text to and saying "yeah, my phone is dying anyways. gtg."
and acting like they were just about to text you back.
guy1: oh FUCK! Big bertha just sent me a sext!

guy2: big bertha? oh shit, what are you gonna do?

guy1: im gonna text-ject her... wait shes texting me again..oh apparently her phone is dying anway.

big bertha: damn, i totally got text-jected!
by damngurldamn55 October 19, 2011
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