the inability of a person to censor their text messages after a few glasses of wine. This condition leads to texting the president of the PTA/preacher/grandmother things like "that coke whore ass-pounder" or " crazy motherfucker is trying to see my beaver" and "pussy-ass-dildo-sucker". Generally occurs with the suburban cougar crowd. A person with texting turrets also provides great submissions for TFLN
Cougar 1 "last night i suffered a baaad case of texting turrets"
Cougar 2 "WTF?"
Cougar 1 " i sent a text to our waiter asking him to throw his hotdog down my hallway"
Cougar 2 "OMG - did he?"
by thepoopadoop October 10, 2010
Top Definition
Random outburst of text, and after being sent is regretted.
He brings out my texting turrets.
by Jayz'sgrrl June 23, 2011

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