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An expression used to describe when the person on the other end of a texting conversation is not likely to respond and is, therefore, essentially nonexistent. Thus, one may as well be texting a wall. Some people exhibit this behavior periodically; for others, it is a habitual thing.

Similar to calling a wall.

Bily: "Why don't you just text her, bro?"

Iván: "Because I'd be texting a wall."


Bily: "Have you been texting each other?"

Iván: "Sometimes, but she can be a text wall. It's better if I hit her up on Facebook."


Iván: "So, did Latrell respond to your text? I wanna make the 8 o' clock show."

Bily: "Son, you know that's a wall text."
by larfz March 25, 2013
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