To text one person for a long period of time, often until very early in the morning.
Adam: "Oh, man you look haggard today! What were you doing last night?"

Josh: "I was on an all night textathon, bro."
by Chicka Yeah, Fake ID March 28, 2009
Top Definition
A long period of time of just texting to one person.
i am having a textathon tonight with my friend. Its been an hour all ready
by cutie4eva93 February 23, 2009
A television based fund raiser that collects most of it's funds from text messaging.
I just sent ten dollars to the Red Cross for their textathon.
by ChefSlug April 18, 2013
1.To the text dont stop uh dont stop till you get enough
2.texting to the point where your fingers cramp
3.texting to the point in which your cell phone bill exceeds 100$ in texting fees
Sarah, were going to have a fucking textathon
by Travis Seel December 13, 2006
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