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Some one who says they are your friend, but you never see eachother face to face and when it came down to it they don't have your back.
Wayne: Yo I thought we had a friendship son.

Curtis: Say what?

Wayne: Man all we got is a textship, you flop.
by fences back May 28, 2009
3 1
A blossoming relationship over text messages. Not yet a full blown relationship but heading in that direction.
Amy and John have a text-ship right now, so Amy wont leave her phone more than a foot away from her incase John finally works up the nerve to set up a date.
by Fickleloves June 07, 2009
9 0
When you keep in touch with those you love primarily through texting.
"Have you heard from Amanda lately?"
"Yeah, we've been texting like crazy."
"Oh, so you're in a textship?"
by Just Plain Merrie March 17, 2009
6 1
the relationship you have with another person is only over text messaging
i'm over this textship that we have and would really like a phone call or in person conversation
by leonswirly October 09, 2009
4 0