Some one who says they are your friend, but you never see eachother face to face and when it came down to it they don't have your back.
Wayne: Yo I thought we had a friendship son.

Curtis: Say what?

Wayne: Man all we got is a textship, you flop.
by fences back May 28, 2009
Top Definition
A blossoming relationship over text messages. Not yet a full blown relationship but heading in that direction.
Amy and John have a text-ship right now, so Amy wont leave her phone more than a foot away from her incase John finally works up the nerve to set up a date.
by Fickleloves June 07, 2009
When you keep in touch with those you love primarily through texting.
"Have you heard from Amanda lately?"
"Yeah, we've been texting like crazy."
"Oh, so you're in a textship?"
by Just Plain Merrie March 17, 2009
the relationship you have with another person is only over text messaging
i'm over this textship that we have and would really like a phone call or in person conversation
by leonswirly October 09, 2009
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