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n. the use of text messages to have a private discussion with another person while in a group. usually used to discuss or insult another member of the group in real time without their knowledge.

the subtlety of this act is easily thwarted by knowing glances and shared spontaneous laughter.
texter 1: dude, joe's b.o. is heinous today.
texter 2: i know, right? i thought i was the only one who noticed it
texter 1: good thing for text-lepathy
by ean weslynn June 21, 2011
The act of texting with one's mind. As in using mind powers to tell the phone what to type.
No I have to use my hands I don't have textlepathy
by The Impluse June 29, 2010
Communicating with a friend via text messaging who is physically at the same location as you. Its purpose is, usually, to talk shit on a 3rd party who is also present.
The two men discussed the merits of their bosses tits via textlepathy to avoid a sexual harrassment suit.
by T-Roxs August 11, 2009