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1. Someone who's texts while walking,and constantly bumps into stuff not noticing any surroundings until the text is sent.

2. Someone who texts while driving, going about 5-10 miles an hour down a 40 m/h road.
Micheal was texting his girlfriend while walking and ran into a bush, and kept walking, he is such a text zombie!

Steve was texting his mom while driving and went 10 miles an hour what a text zombie!
by Aaron Chak July 10, 2008
Any human with a cell phone transforms into a text zombie while walking and texting. Common symptoms include: slow walking, head pointing down, rigid arms, lack of direction or awareness of surroundings.
I almost hit another text zombie on my bike today. Damn person wasn't paying any attention at all!
by suteiki October 19, 2009
anyone wandering aimlessly through a crowd paying more attention to their texts than to who is directly around them.
That text zombie just bumped into me and didnt even look up from their phone.
by fingerbang134 August 07, 2010

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