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Someone who continuously sends sexual innuendoes but has no follow through.
Dawn & Tracey text tease to Stan:

Do you want us to toss your salad tonight?
by Text Teaser May 16, 2009
someone that sends you a text message prompting a response and then leaves you hanging.
"Dont be such a text tease, who are you to just text me once and leave me with a text hard on."
by Killapimpin' October 28, 2008
A girl that gives you blue balls over text, and never actually does anything sexual with the boy. only teasing them and getting their hopes up.
text tease: I'm coming over now to fuck your brains out
boy: ok, when?
text tease: not right now, im busy. maybe later
by IJTB December 26, 2010
(n.) a person who leads someone on via text message, but never follows through in person.
Guy 1: Last night I was texting that chick from the bar and she was all sorts of coming on to me, but when I met her this afternoon she acted like nothing happened.

Guy 2: What a text-tease!
by memsy December 06, 2008
Whenever you receive a text from someone you are interested in talking to, and you reply then never get a text back.
"Oh man Bob, Katie is such a Text tease , she sent me a hot message and i replied but never got a response back!"
by Sexy Potato January 12, 2012