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A text you send to someone directly after calling them instead of a voice mail because you are too damn lazy to leave one.
"Ugh damn it... Delo never answers his phone! Ah well I'll just leave a text mail."
by Dolfo February 05, 2009
a text message that clearly shouldve been an email, by exceeding the amount of characters in a standard text message (160 characters). Hence, wasting your time by having to piece together 2+ messages to make sense.

can also occur when someone starts the text off as an advertisment and ends with something along the lines of their life story
Sender: ...theres a sale at my work right now coz the boss is away... dont tell the boss... omg when i was working yesterday i heard this song that reminded me of this time we hung out at the beach, and i met that guy who i thought was really nice and he was for like a month and then he turned out to be a jerk...

Reciever: uhm, what? she couldve sent me an email! i hate getting text-mail ugh.
by awesomeAshhh December 15, 2009
Sending an email to someones phone. So they have a text.
Hey you don't have a cell phone send me a textmail from your email account.
by yeahigotit July 02, 2009
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