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to get texted a million times by someone who hates you, just to jack up your bill and piss you off . . especially if they know you dont have a plan for it
"i was with that chick for 2 months, man . . . my sister flipped shit when i had to pay $96 on the texts she dropped on me."
--"yo man . . you got text raped."
by incredibly good looking December 09, 2006
Text rape is an extremely annoying occurrence in which someone (usually a lonely person with no friends) blows up your phone after you mistakenly gave them your number. The unlucky individual on the receiving end of the text rape made the grave mistake of being overly nice to the poor sap and will pay for it indefinitely.

Text rape also has another meaning. Your friends (or spammers) may send you countless texts consisting of random assortments of letters that, when pronounced, sound like rape.
Ex. 1)
Chris: "Looks like you have twelve unread messages from Scott."
Maddy: "Ah shit. I tried to be nice to him because he was sitting by himself but now he won't leave me alone!"

Ex. 2)
New Message: Fidnvjusdghjkdehjgnvebduwaosabv
Recipient: "Yep, I've been text raped."
by PsychicJellyfish November 25, 2013
When you are asked a series of inappropriate (sexual) questions while texting someone.
Brian: Hey Gina,wasup?
Gina: Heyy Brian i'm good!
Brian: Say how do you look in a thong?

Gina was just text rapped by Brian. Don't let this be you!!

by Lawwwddd Tab February 02, 2009
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