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A text nuke is a text bomb on steroids.

Sending a text nuke requires sending a single recipient at least 500 text messages. Given the service and quality of the phone, this may take more than half an hour just to receive the messages. Very successful if don to recipient at inconvenient times: in class, during a test, 5AM, hooking up with somebody, at a meeting, etc...

A text nuke should be reserved for comical purposes or when you really want to mess with somebody. Careful - if done in jest, ensure that the recipient has a plan.

*Note: This can also be used to achieve more than a simple interruption, such as battery drainage...*
Tara: WTF man, you just sent me 500 text messages!

Me: Yes I just sent you a text nuke!
by Hector Jr November 26, 2009
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