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1) Being in a relationship where one or both parties prefer text messaging over talking on the phone or in person, unsurprisingly causing 99% of their problems, as at least one person in the relationship is too stupid to understand that text messages arrive/send out of order if at all.

2) A relationship that doesn't go very far; one so short or shallowly lived it can be replayed with little difficulty over text messaging. A final summation used to describe a waste of time.

Usually results in a text message breakup.
A typical text message relationship:

Brad: hey
Amy: hey i cant hang out tonight
Brad: chill later?
Amy: i just told you i cant im busy helping amanda with some stuff.
not sent Amy: you never listen
Brad: okay
Brad: when?
not sent Brad: lol isnt amanda that newage chick?
Amy: :(
Brad: something wrong?
resent Amy: :(
Brad: i do something?
Amy: u know what u did
Brad: you're not answering your phone?
not sent Amy: i dont want to talk to you
Brad: babe?

Later, in person.
Amy: Like I totally had to change my number because brad wouldn't stop texting me even though I broke up with him over text the other night when I had no service.
Amanda: He must be a stalker. I was almost raped, I know these things.
Amy: Thank god I have a friend like you. Let's scissor.
by levelnineboss December 22, 2008