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-to engage a text conversation with a person of interest with flirtatious intent
-sending messages that seem innocent, but have sexual undertones and innuendos
-often done as a preliminary test to determine the best way to seduce the other person
-widely used due to its convenience and inconspicuousness
Guy 1: "yo, what's up with you and Kelley?"
Guy 2: "not sure yet, but we've been text flirting like crazy the past couple days"
Guy 1: "yeah man! you gonna hit that shit!"

text flirting in action:
John: "hey cutie, wut u up to?"
Jane: "hmm, not much. just at home watchin tv"
John: "im jealous....wish i could be there too ;)"
Jane: "lol ur too funny! it is prtty cold here, too bad i dun have any1 here to warm me up..."
by zpaw July 12, 2009

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