A public university belonging to the Big XII Conference, and located in Lubbock, Texas on the southern plains. Enrollment is approximately 24,000 and continually growing. Texas Tech's main rival is Texas A&M. One of the top three public schools in Texas. Commonly referred to as "Tech". The school mascot is "Red Raiders" and colors are scarlet and black.
"Texas Tech is a great school with continually improving academics, and a less uptight atmosphere and liberalism than UT or A&M.
by icey16 March 03, 2009
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A major Texas school located out in the BFE that is Lubbock. Surounded by desert and cotten feilds Texas Tech is a jem in the ruff, a shining beakon of knowledge, a, well you get the picture. Also, a great party school and was voted #2 by playboy magazine for the hottiest girls at any university. May be a major source of STD's
Did you hear about that great party out at Texas Tech last night
by Raider Red November 26, 2005
A very major state university that offers a wide array of degree programs and opportunities. From law school, to medical school and just about everything in between. Students at Texas Tech think that its funny when Aggies are so insecure about how bad we beat them at sports, that they resort to talking down our academics and studies. A rather sad defense mechanism.

On a brighter note, our women are gorgeous. Hands down the best looking out of any Big 12 school. The nightlife is fantastic, our athletics program (particularly football) is among the best in the country and is a major contender every year to win the Big 12.
Mike: "Hey, did you watch that ass kicking that Tech handed A&M last night?"

Sarah: "Yeah, but i turned it off at halftime because i couldn't stand to watch A&M get embarrassed like that"

Texas Tech football has been one of the most successful programs in the Big 12 since 2000. Ahead of A&M since then.
by Brando TTU August 15, 2007
A school located in Texas about 4 hours west of Dallas. Known for it's good looking people and rowdy crowd. Texas Tech students generally have alot more social skills than students at Texas A&M. Texas Tech does not have a fake military( the corps. ) #2 Hottest girls in Playboy magazine. Texas A&M has a hatred for Texas Tech due to the fact they get beat by Texas Tech every year in every sport so they have to resort to slanderous, false, ignorant comments about the academics at Texas Tech. General snobby fans. A generally wealthy population of students.
If texas tech got in a fist fight with any other school, texas tech would win.

Texas tech beat texas A&M this year. In everything.

All Big 12 fans are scared of Texas Tech fans. That's why they don't come to Lubbock.
by Stetson Jackson April 16, 2007
Texas Tech is a college in Lubbock, Texas - also known as "The Nation's Biggest High School".
"Texas Tech is like Waffle House, you don't really intend to go there but you wind up there anyway."
by Orcutt March 13, 2007
where nobody actually graduates from but attends for 6 years just to party and get the raider rash. no class, no grades, no problem i guess they can say they at least went to college.
"Texas tech, where the wind blows as hard as the school."

by ag13 April 21, 2009
A minor Texas school that thinks its major located out in the BFE that is Lubbock. Surrounded by desert and cotton feilds Texas Tech is a an oasis for those that were denied admission to either the big orange school or Texas A&M University. May be a major source of STD's.

The anger tceh fans and students display is based on the lack of self esteem of being rejected by the two Major universities in Texas. If tcehsters had any brains they'd of gone to a major university rather than their second choice or some cases third choice.

Texas Tech, where delivering pizzas is a career not just a major.
by Barnie September 06, 2006
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