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Any person in IB or JROTC with plans to take over a high school. Also can be used as ANTI-TERST or an opposer of all the TERST's whom plan to takeover the school and smarterize it.
Ryan: Anthony,who stabbed you in the eye?
Anthony: Some TERST
by Ryan Hayward November 05, 2003

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Expression used in underground gaming societies to acknowledge or describe a work or deed of great planning/thinking.
Common in the fields of gametype-making, map-making and strategy-planning.

The usage of "terst" was, for a long time, of a somewhat esoteric nature. One could walk the interweb and hear echoes of
"terst" bounce in the great halls.
However, the roots of "terst" lies in the realm of Halo 2 online-playing.
A wave of Gametypes measuring a certain level of awesomeness all seemed to have "terst" in their names, and the hearts of many bright players embraced this connection and began using the word as a tribute to all that is genius.
With fierce speed, the word made it's way to all of interweb and today it is recognized as a respected symbol of
really good planning/thinking and/or
pure awesomeness.
"This gametype is incredibly terst"

"What you did just now, that was terst!"
by Celebration of the Lizard March 16, 2009