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the 'perfect' state of tightness of the female human body. the possessor of this, has the capability of generating others' HUGE carnal projection fantasies!!

the more imaginative can visualize themselves being 'made a mess' of. (or otherwise left for 'dead', in a 'spent' heap!!) -no loose flab flapping to distract!, only tight muscle designed for vigorous grinding of 'poison'!

streamlined for 'sport' like a "sports car" (corvette), seriously oriented for singular 'pure' tasking! -OR: as a "redneck" on a construction site once 'eloquently' and succinctly put it; "BUILT FOR FUCKING!!"
you could hear a pin drop when eve strutted by, she was terminally perky!!

shes' 'sloppy' fat now, USED to be terminally perky! -i know, i once 'sampled' her 'treasures'!!
by michael foolsley February 11, 2012
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