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1. Your brain turns to mush by overworking yourself .
2. Your brain turns to mush by watching TV all day.
3. Your brain turns to mush by sitting at a computer all day.

Preliminary Symptoms (in order of progressional occurance):
1. Weariness even after getting enough sleep
2. Mixing up the days of the week (ie - thinking it's Wednesday, but it's actually Tuesday)
3. Unable to fall asleep at night like usual, or simply passing out as soon as your head hits the pillow.
4. Misreading (ie - seeing words that aren't there, replacing words with something else, or mentally inserting new words). Basically, distorting sentences to what you think you see, rather than what's really there.
5. symptoms similar to ADD may follow (the inability to focus on tasks, or no longer having the desire to focus)

What can you do? Take a vacation. Seriously, don't think about work for a few days. Just relax, and take part in some outdoor activities. DO NOT read a book. That involves concentration, and you need REST.
Man, I'm going into terminal burnout...I can't think anymore
by Force July 12, 2005
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