The new airport terminal at London Heathrow. Slated because its a total waste of space

A ladies vagina

A cunt
slapper after a night of hardcore sex:
fuckin ell I had a jumbo jet right up my terminal 5 last night

ooooooh what a terminal 5 of a day I have had today
Terminal5, is it? cunt more like
by stainesmassive April 05, 2008
Top Definition
When something fails in an epic way. See Heathrow Airport.
"Come on baggage carousel, don't terminal 5 on me"
by Matthew1471 April 14, 2008
When an event or a new piece of equipment has been hyped up, had a huge amount of money spent on it and it fails miserably to do what it is supposed to do. Word is in reference to the London Heathrow Terminal 5 fiasco.
Eric: 'Have you seen the new storage system; I've heard it's a Terminal 5 ?'

Geoff: 'Oh yeah mate, just been out to see it, they've got the technician in, it's out of order for the rest of the week!'
by Bobby B Snr March 28, 2008
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