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a hot female porn star that rides fat cocks
damn she tera rode that guys cock for straight days
by crackhorse August 17, 2003
182 52
The hottest thing on two mean on her back.
Tera Patrick is such a whore.
by aereilly July 30, 2003
371 63
fine ass porn star that loves the dick. nice ass, great tits. i know a girl that looks just like her (and her name is tara)
if i could fuck tara or tera, i would, it doesnt matter who they look like twin sisters
by low blow September 10, 2003
212 42
Anouther name for the Arby's roast beef sandwich based on the fact that roast beef looks like Tera Patrick after a long video shoot
I was hungry for some Tera Patrick today, so I went and ate at Arby's, or I'm thinking Porn
by Matt&Val June 28, 2007
45 69