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1) The poorest section of the poorest neighborhood of any city. Usually populated by the homeless.
2) Hilton's Tent City, a camping store in Boston, whose owners apparently were not aware of definition 1.
1) His old neighborhood was slowly turning into a tent city.
2) Want to go to Tent City and buy some Timberland boots?
by Doc Sigma August 25, 2003
19 11
n. A short street-wise variation on "intensity" tailored for the Occupy Wall Street protest and similar movements where "occupations in tents" occur. The implication is that more and more dwellers showing up, with their tents, signs and badly-tuned guitars, will strenghthen the movement.

Man, this protest is never going nowhere unless we can turn up the tentcity.

Yeah the tentcity got to be strong if we are going to stick it to the man.
by gnostic1 October 29, 2011
24 6
Where fat women buy their blouses etc.
LaCresha and her 9 sisters are all so fat, they have to shop at Tent City to find anything that fits their lard asses.
by mike49677 November 28, 2011
5 3