one of the few monotonous activities in which you gain immense pleasure. the need to get out and play is unsurpassed by all.
He loves playing tennis. if possible he could play all day and all night.
by tennis4life June 28, 2004
Top Definition
The sport that takes the most athletic ability. Some matches can last for 4 hours, and the players don't get to sit out for like all those prissy little "athletes" in the NBA.
Tennis is good. Basketball is bad.
by Henin-Houdini December 23, 2003
Intense sport with extremely hot athletes... also the basis of a lot of sexually oriented jokes. Involves a lot of time and travelling but is well worth the effort because of all the crazy-ass people you meet. :o
Top 10 Reasons to Date a Tennis Player:

10- They're always looking for a good opportunity to come up.
9- They can do it with two people or four.
8- They have good hands.
7- They grunt when the action heats up.
6- They know how to make a racket.
5- They can hit it from all angles.
4- They got the endurace to last 3 hours - straight!
3- They're good with their balls.
2- They know just what to do with their stick.
1- Even when they aren't scoring, they're in love.

by theonetheONLYY October 02, 2005
A great sport where its only u and your opponent, no team members(unless your playing doubles). It is sometimes misunderstood as a pussy sport, but those people dont know how difficult it is to perfect your game.(the people who sed it is a pussy game is a pussy)
Karl uses great topspin and power in his tennis game.
by GD_ace93 May 08, 2005
Possibly the most difficult sport in the universe. Requires patience, agility, quick reflexes, confidence, stroke skills, physical fitness, and stradigy. Tennis courts are true war zones and are not just two people with rackets. Only real men play tennis.
Tennis requires a lot more than other sports, the most difficult aspect is that its 70% mental. Sure, pussy football players can tackle. But, what happens when you face off a bear and Einstein with a rifle.
by andre45 October 08, 2005
An awsome athletic sport, played by two or four people, the object being to hit a ball, with a raquet, over a net and into the opponent's side of the court. Courts can be made of anything, but are usually classefied as hard, grass, or clay.
The US Open, which is a two week long tennis tournament, is the world's largest sporting event, in terms of attendence.
by disco stu September 24, 2003
The nicest sport in the world.
I was playing tennis the other day usin my Prince More Response racket and won the math 6-1 6-2
by Alecks May 26, 2003
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