A rule often employed for those who seem to be over-exuberant or too comfortable in their surroundings. 10 seconds before you start speaking, stop.
Shut up or I'll be forced to implement the ten second rule!
by old gregg 1 January 22, 2011
Top Definition
A social rule which enables you to take back something you say if you found that it was stupid or regrettable within ten seconds of saying it.
Greg: Hey Jimmy, do you want to go watch a movie?
Jimmy: Nah, sorry. I can't. I have a date with your sister tonight.
Greg: What?
Jimmy: Wait, ten second rule! I take that back!
by gamerrox October 16, 2010
Variants include the three, five, or seven second rule, but rarely further than that.

Refers to the ammount of time a person must be out of their seat before it becomes avaliable for others to steal
*Person 1 gets out of seat*
Person 2: Ten second rule!
*Person 2 collapses smugly into seat. Person 1 may choose to comment upon the sexual orientation of Person 2's mother at this time*
by Chris-Thor August 11, 2007
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