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an extremely addicting apple store game where a character eludes demon monkeys, and faulty paths while attempting to escape a never ending temple
addict: "ahh my eyes are burning, ive been playing temple run for days"

friend: "temple run? sounds like escaping the gang members at temple university in philly"

addict: no its just a video game
by CaptainCrunch29 December 21, 2011
An extremely addictive game by Imangi Studios that is simply composed of running, jumping and sliding for your life through a never ending temple of booby traps.
Boy 1: Yeah bro I just joined the Million Club on Temple Run, you mad?

Boy 2: Chill bro, I'm in the 2.5 Million Club. You suck.

Boy 1: Goddammit now I need to play for 3 more hours to beat your score!!!
by StarCatch77 January 24, 2012
temple run is a fun game were you have to have great skills in escaping these monkey things.this game is a fun addicting game used for any type of i-pod touch or i-phone or i-pad
I got 4,563,943 on temple run!
by ilovetemplerun7672 December 26, 2011
When you take a dump and occupy yourself by playing Temple Run on your smartphone.
Austin sure has been in the bathroom for a long time. Probably has the Temple Runs
by the810 February 02, 2012

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