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The male member, described as seen at his most magnificent and in his full pulsating glory. Used to describe a cock of particularly impressive size, standing stiffly erect and at attention, proudly displaying every inch of his full height. This term was part of an exclamation of admiration at the sight of my penis by a participant in a dick-measuring contest I won when I was a teenager.
"Your dick looks exactly like a telephone pole!", she exclaimed when she saw my pulsing rock-hard member reaching for the sky.
by Adam Philips August 18, 2006
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A thin, curved object that one, typically a female inserts in and out of her vagina. In other words she masturbates with it. She rides it like it's a big dick and sends messages through it.
Wow jay really jacked watching her on that telephone pole!
by Scooter000019 December 01, 2016
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