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Television, if you are Snoop Dogg and/or incapable of using the correct endings of words. See fo shizzle my nizzle, fizzle, and drizzle.
Nizzle, stop playing Animal Crossing so I can watch the telefizzle!
by Theora September 05, 2003

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drizzle fizzle fo shizzle my nizzle
te-le-fizzle snoop doggs saying
yo dis is snoop nogg nizzle on the telefizzle ma nigger
by C@RL November 12, 2003
refers to television, as spoken by snoop dogg
everyone should watch snoop's new show, Doggy Fizzle Telefizzle
by snoop September 06, 2003
The big old tv that you sit your new little tv on.
Man, just put it on the old busted telfizzle my wizzle nizzle.
by Obsidian Fat Kid September 07, 2003
Snoop dizzle off the hizzle tellefizzle bullshit etc..
by ziggens September 05, 2003
snoop dog's way of saying television.. in fo shizzle my nizzle styles
someone: yo, it's snoop's new vidizzle on da telefizzle.
someone else: fo shizzle my nizzle
by nora September 05, 2003
Urban slang for television.
My word, is that Willam Shatner on the telefizzle?
by Jesang September 04, 2003