The coolest nigga alive. Hes dope.

He is the definition of sexy.

Guys look up to him. Hes taking all of your bitches..
Cuff your chick or forever hold your peace.

He also has amazing hair.
Guy 1: Yo, how you feelin' today?
Guy 2: I'm feeling a bit like Tejas man.

Guy 1: Damn bruh, you feelin' sexy or what?
Guy 2: Hell yeah.
by ContagiousFatAzz September 13, 2014
An awesome person who is smart, good at tennis, and Indian.
Dude, my Indian friend over there is such a teja!
by WordingDefinitions August 05, 2013
totally awsome person
spunky and energetic
short and petite
rocks any party
will whoop ur ass if u mess with her
wow, i wish i was a teja
by jassi January 02, 2008
Slang for the state of Texas. Kind of a play on the western/hispanic influence.
Don't mess with Tejas.
by hardly May 13, 2004
Fake. One who pretends to be something they are not.
"I'm glad I ain't teja".
by Taco Anonymous May 07, 2006

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