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Crazy cool person, with a crazy nice smile, also very clumsy, actress/singer in Bollywood
Damn it would be fun to be superman, but i would rather be tejal
by Bob the Hun September 01, 2007
118 55
Curry-like smell, bushy sideburns, intellectually smart and pretty.
Guy 1- " Dude did you eat indian food today? "

Gut 2- " No dude I'm dating a tejal bro "
by Plzapprovethis7 August 12, 2009
41 51
A beast with an orkish looking face and a putrid smell. Normally dumber than the average human, it cannot communicate like a civilised person. If you ever meet a tejal then running and hiding is your best chance of surviving or covering your eyes to stop the ugliness burning them.
Shield your eyes it's tejal
by Jimmy Swindell November 17, 2004
66 141