Top Definition
A giant dinosaur looking thing that eats shit.

Or Dan's drunken misspelling of the word together.
"Nbodklyu makse two spkes whelsl

wej shoujhld sdo shtat tego;tar\"

"Tego;tar\ !!!"
by Wilfers December 31, 2004
An inside joke from

Don't try to understand nig
by insomniac389 April 20, 2005
Is a word george banned!!!
"tego;tar\ is a lockable thread title" george
by Shark (dave) February 07, 2005
tego;tar\ likes to watch nascar on sundays while drinking budweiser. Tell tego;tar\ that Dale Jr sucks and tego;tar\ will eat you.
tego;tar\ loves nascar
by Levi January 13, 2005
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