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Some shitty website that horny guys go on to try and get a relationship from some foreign girl who's really a 40 year old predator. This website has practically zero members and half of them don't even use this trash anymore.
Guy #1: "Dude, did you go on yesterday?"
Guy #2: "Yeah I helped my sister make an account. A 15 year old guy asked her where she lived, and two days later a 50 year old pedo showed up at our door with a knife!"
Guy #1: "Is that the only person she met on teen hive?"

Guy #2: "She friend requested a couple of people but all of them were inactive for more than 2 years! And the rest of them just want to get there dicks sucked by trying to "flirt""
by The Pathetic, ugly truth July 08, 2014

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