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The secret code that only noob teens know and use. Used while chatting, it can be the savior of the teen in question to keep their parents from finding out how much of a skank they are. Always used to subtley tell the other person to change the subject.
9/99 Teen Code - Fredrick:I luv Mary's tits.
Augustus: 9!
Fredrick: Nice day at school, wasnt it mate?
Augustus: 99.
Parent Over Shoulder Teen Code (pos) - Georgia: Steve ate me out but i had a yeast infection.
Martha: oh crap pos
Georgia: We should make cookies next time we sleep over!
Martha: Okay she left. Did he have dough on his lip afterwords?
QQ Teen Code (quiet, q?) - Bert: dude, we should totally smoke reefer tomorrow.
Ernie: qq i love to read books.
Bert: Ya, me too. Harry Potter is so great.
eep Teen Code (emergency eavesdroping parent) - Samantha: Im pregnant! Emanuel: eep! I hate homework!
by Bludshawt May 30, 2008
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