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The mere fact that you are sceptical about anything technical.
Not Technophobic, that is a fear, technosceptical is not fear, its just "Do we REALY need this?" type of thinking.
Anyone that has ever seen an advert for some gizmo that does 1,000 things you never needed doing in the first place, such as a Can Opener that doubles as a Radio, or a Toilet Roll Holder that plays MP3's, and thought What the HELL?... Is that REALY neccesary?....
That is technosceptical...

Anyone that has viewed some new idea, some new piece of software, some new piece of technology, and thought "I bet its goina go wrong".... THAT is technosceptical...

Anyone that has viewed a piece of kit, with a thousand flashing lights, and thought "Where the hell is the OFF switch"... THTAT is technosceptical...
by Bwian August 05, 2006
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