A technically educated person who, because of their extensive education and high IQ, is prone to use technical jargon but has no clue how to apply technology in real life situations.
Jim: "If Microsoft Word is not flagging a clearly misspelled word, is it because there is a patch that I need to download and install?"

Jane: "No, you technodouche, it's because you're typing in all caps."
by Fannebelt April 09, 2010
Top Definition
A person who has to buy first run tech gadgets just to get bragging rights to own one of the first. They tend to lose interest in their own purchase after the hype dies down and they are mocked because they didn't wait like the rest of us for the price to go down and all the bugs are fixed.
Person A: Joe is such a technodouche, he bought an ipad to read the newspaper.
Person B: Who the hell still reads the newspaper?
by Rev. Jules April 10, 2010
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